Monday, March 01, 2010

A sumptuous start for the new 2010

While I am based out of Pune for last three years, I keep traveling to Hyderabad, at least once a year. This time, the reason was a friend's Wedding. It was the start of year 2010 and what a sumptuous start for the new year.

My cousin treated us at "Point Pleasant Heritage Restaurant" in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. It is located just next to Indo Arab Masjid complex and I thought of the days when I used to visit a friend's house nearby.

As we entered the restaurant, I found it interesting to find a mention of Lucknow cuisine on the posters and wall decor. Hyderabadi cuisine in itself, is a great delight and if there is a place that compliments it with Lucknawi cuisine, it surely must be worth a try.

We were all very hungry and so my cousin ordered the already tried stuff to begin with. Meanwhile, I spotted my favorite "Sheermals" in the menu. Not sure if they would actually serve the Lucknawi sheermal, I enquired and got an affirmation. I was tempted to see if it tasted the same as authentic Lucknawi sheermals. We ordered a few to taste. We also had an assortment of kebabs and Nihari. To my delight, the Lucknawi sheermals were truly lucknawi and I had a field day :-)

By the time, Biryani was served, I was full but I didn't want to miss it too. So, I had some biryani and waited for "Khubani ka Meetha" which is a compulsory dessert for me, even after a heavy and delectable Hyderabadi meal.

All of us came out happy and delighted. I would term it as an out-of-the-world experience and will go on to recommend the place as "must-go".

For your interest, here's their website URL:
Point Pleasant Heritage Restaurant

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